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START with a 5 minute warm up of light cardio,

then repeat this circuit 3 times.

Squat with leg lift

1. Squat with leg lift

A basic but effective exercise to engage glutes and strengthen the inner and outer thigh. Enter the squat with thighs parallel to the ground, engage your core and glute muscles while you lift your leg off the floor, stand and hold for one second, place your leg back down and repeat with opposite leg.

Superwoman Plank

2. Superwoman Plank

An all-inclusive body exercise to strengthen and sculpt the core, arms and legs. Start in the plank position (as shown), activate your core and take one hand followed by the opposite foot off the ground. Hold for one second and then return to your original plank position.


Pilates Seated V

Pilates Seated V

A classic Pilates position and a one stop shop for abs. Start laying down on your yoga mat with arms and legs extended. As you exhale sit up using your lower abdominals to engage and pull knees towards your chest into tabletop. Aim to have your knees and feet aligned, engage pelvic floor muscles and extend arms either side of your knees.

Single leg bridge

4. Single Leg Bridge


A glute and core strengthening exercise. Start on your yoga mat, hands either side of you and knees bent with feet firmly on
the ground. Activate your glutes and core muscles and slowly raise your pelvis upwards into a glute bridge. Keeping your core and glutes engaged, hold for one second before lifting one foot off the ground (as shown). Once leg is extended,pulse 10 times. Return leg to bridge postion and repeat with opposite leg. FINISH with a light stretch or foam roll for 5-10 mins. 


Upper back stretch  / foam roller release

5. Upper Back Stretch / Foam Roller Release

Great for relievingtense muscles in the upper and lower back, caused by sitting for long periods. Place the foam roller on the ground and lie with the roller across your midback. Roll gently up and down your back. 

Foam Roller For ITB Release

6. Foam Roller for ITB Release

Place the foam roller underneath your outer-thigh, in-between your hip and knee. Using your arms to support place your foot in front of the lower leg, slowly move back and forth along the foam roller focusingon the tight muscles connected to your knee.


Top 5


Steph’s five reasons to do 30 mins of movement or moderate exercise every day!


1. Reduces stress and anxiety

2. Weight loss 

3. Heart health

4. Increased mood and productivity

5. Free energy boost (often when you are tired is when you need it the most)




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