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What’s Involved in the Health Check?


Lifestyle DiscussionLifestyle discussions

Discuss your diet, exercise and smoking habits and get some handy tips.


Cholesterol TestCholesterol test

A blood test to determine total cholesterol. Please note: you do not need to fast for this test.


Breast CheckBreast check instruction

Learn what a lump feels like with a model latex breast.


Blood Pressure ReadingBlood pressure reading

A simple test done with a cuff around the arm.


Anaemia ScreeningAnaemia screening

A pin prick blood test to establish haemoglobin levels. This can indicate if there’s a risk of anaemia.


Weight EvaluationWeight evaluation

Weight and height are evaluated to provide a BMI (Body Mass Index) number.


FREE Women's Health Check







3 Step Breast CheckBe Breast Aware

Raising the awareness of self-breast examination by women of all ages could increase the chance of early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Results have shown that early detection and diagnosis leads to an increase in survival rates among breast cancer patients.



Step 1 - The Shower CheckStep 1: The Shower Check

Put your left hand behind your head. With the sensitive pads on your right fingers, use small circular movements to examine your left breast for anything unusual. At first feel lightly, checking for anything near the surface. Then press quite firmly, feeling for anything deeper. Continue around the breast, checking all areas. Also examine above your breast, up to the collarbone and out to the armpit. Then do the same for the right side.


Step 2 - The Bathroom MirrorStep 2: The Bathroom Mirror

After showering, place your hands at your sides and check your breasts in the mirror. Look for anything which is not normal for your breasts - changes in colour, size or shape, any dimpling of the skin or “pulling in” of the nipple. Put your hands on your hips and push your shoulders forward to flex your chest muscles. Finally, raise your hands over your head and check for any changes.




Step 3 - Check Lying DownStep 3: Check Lying Down

Lie on your left side with your knees bent, roll your shoulders back so they are flat on the bed. Place your right arm under your head. Your breast should now be as flat as possible. Examine your right breast using the method outlined in Step 1. Reverse procedure to check other breast.

Check your breasts at the same time each month, preferable 2-3 days after your period ends. If you no longer have periods, choose a regular day each month for breast examinations.




The Breast Aware MessageImportant!

While all women should check their breasts regularly, self examination is in addition to, and NOT a substitute for a yearly breast examination by your GP and screening mammograms every two years.


Screening mammograms are available free of charge to every woman in Australia from age 40 by calling Breast Screen Australia on 13 20 50.


If you notice a change in your breasts, see your doctor immediately!


Women with a personal or family history of breast cancer may be at higher risk and should seek advice from their GP as soon as possible.


This information was brought to you by:

Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation  Chris O'Brien Lifehouse