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Before you apply your foundation, skin prep is key! Cleanse
& moisturise so your skin is ready for the foundation.
There are three groups of foundations - liquids, creams,
and powders. The great thing about liquids is that you
can create everything from matte to super high-sheen. Whereas with powders, they tend to be more matte or
velvety in texture and they have to be buffed into the skin.


MY GOLDEN RULE FOR FOUNDATION is to never match your foundation to your jawline, your neck is the palest part of your body. Always match foundation to your chest area because your face and body must be the same colour.



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Brush VS Sponge


Foundation has the power to make you look more youthful, just getting your skin tone even will take years off! It can be confusing to know when to use a brush vs when to use a sponge when it comes to applying foundation. Over the years I have used a combination of different methods when applying foundation, depending on the finish I want to achieve. Brushes are great tools for applying makeup, but I often work with my fingers and beauty blenders/ sponges, depending on the look. There is no right or wrong way, it’s all personal preference. Here are a few of my tips for when to use brushes vs sponges.



BRUSHES CAN BE USEDTO APPLY BOTH CREAMS AND POWDERS. They are also more hygienic than a sponge as they are easier to clean.

BRUSHES ARE A STAPLE but using a damp sponge and your
fingers is the perfect combo, think of it as an accessory to brushes.
Try applying your foundation first with a brush, then using a
damp sponge and your fingers to melt everything into the skin.



and great for helping blend. This also applies to any cream blushers or bronzers and helps to blend seamlessly into the skin.


MY MAIN TRICK IS NOT TO APPLY YOUR FOUNDATION DIRECTLY ON THE SPONGE it’s also best to use a damp sponge as this helps to achieve a flawless finish and stops the sponge sucking up all your product.


IF YOU HAVE A FULLERCOVERAGE FOUNDATION but are after a more natural finish a sponge is perfect! It will sheer out the foundation and give a dewy glow to the skin.







Ombre Lip


Ombre means having two different colours that are monochromatic. This look is all about creating shape and definition to the lips. This is a current trend and easy to do at home using two different lipstick shades.


Step 1


Step 2


              Step 3











Glisten Up




Max May Products



Warm up eyelids with a wash of medium bronze almost up to the brow bone. Add a darker hue to the outer corners, then balance it out with a bright illuminating shade around the inner corners. Finish with volume-boosting black mascara and a little highlighter above the brow. A soft mineral powder is the perfect foundation to accompany this bold look.

TAKE YOUR INSPIRATION DIRECTLY FROM THE HUES OF A WARM SUNSET SKY. A shimmering bronze eye shadow is spring’s golden child. Consider this your masterclass.






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Beauty Advisor Recommendations



Hayley's Pick


1000 HOUR Instant Brows 
Black/Brown, $11.99

I love how this mascara can create so much texture in my brows! The lighter shade is a perfect match for blonde hair and the brush is small, meaning you have greater control when applying the product.





RIMMEL Lasting Finish 
Foundation SPF 20, 30mL, $18.95

Although recommended for dry to combination skin, I find this works perfectly for all skin types. This product has a buildable coverage and is great for those who have a neutral skin tone, as the shades range from a light porcelain to natural beige with mostly neutral undertones (less pink or yellow). This product is a pump action bottle with a screwtop lid which I think is fabulous because you can really get the most out of each use. I suggest turning the bottle upside down, or even to its side, to scrape the remainder out of the bottle when it is getting low. My favourite thing about this foundation is that it stays on all day without a touch up!



Georgia Picks


NEUTROGENA Combination Skin

Moisturiser, 118mL, $13.99

This moisturiser hydrates dry areas and at the same time can control the oil within the T-Zone. The Neutrogena skincare range is perfect for those with sensitive skin (like myself) and I feel confident using this product without fearing a negative reaction to my skin. The main ingredient in this product is water so it is super hydrating. As I like to wear makeup every day, this product fits into my prep routine. I apply this moisturiser before my makeup to ensure a smooth, even complexion that lasts all day.