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Want soft and shiny locks with bright colour? Here's our edit of the ultimate hair essentials. 
Curl 3 Ways

All types of curls and waves are popular right now, but knowing which technique and tools to use can be daunting. Luckily, you can create many different styles using the same tools, it’s simply how you wrap your hair. START HERE: Always spray a heat protectant onto hair prior to styling with heated tools. Heat dries hair out and can decrease the longevity of your colour.


1 The Lazy French Wave


STEP 1: Take a vertical section of hair and hold the curling iron perpendicular. Start winding the hair from the roots, flat against the iron in one direction. Next move the iron further down the hair toward the mid lengths, wrapping the hair flat against the iron in the opposite direction. TIP: Make sure that you always brush through the section of hair before curling as this will keep the hair looking glossy.
STEP 2: Take the last 2 inches of hair and pinch them between the iron. Gently pull the iron off the hair as you turn. This will give a soft movement on the ends.
STEP 3: Repeat all over and brush out before you finish with a light spritz of shine spray of dry hair oil.


Hair 2


STEP 1: Take a section of hair and wind it flat against the curling iron (away from the face). Do not twist the hair. Leave the last 1-2 inches of hair for a more natural look. TIP: Smaller sections create tighter curls; larger section creates looser curls. Experiment until you find the right texture for you.
STEP 2: Take another section of hair and repeat step 1 – curling in the opposite direction (towards the face). This will create a more natural wave instead of all the curls going in the same direction. Repeat for all remaining sections, alternating directions as you go. One towards the face, the next away from the face.
STEP 3: Apply a little serum to your hands and run through the hair.


hair 3



STEP 1: Start with a 1 inch section of hair. Holding this between your thumb and two adjacent fingers, keep your wrist steady and move the section away to the left. Using your other hand, clamp the hair at the roots with the iron. Whilst clamped, move the fingers to the right and open and close the irons (tap, tap, tap) as you move them down the piece of hair. Repeat this movement from left to right as you follow with the tapping irons. This will form S waves in a flat pattern.

STEP 2: Repeat this technique throughout the head remembering that the larger the sections, the softer the curl and the smaller the sections, the tighter the curl.

Tool Kit

Hair care 101



Christina Butcher


There's no way better way to herald the beginning of a brand new season than a hair colour refresh. 

Beauty school expert Christina Butcher @hairromance shares her top tips. 


1. NEVER RUB YOUR HAIR with a towel, this will make it go frizzy. Use a microfibre towel 
instead and squeeze water out of your hair rather than rubbing. 


2. BRIGHTEN UP HAIR colour by using a tinted gloss or blonde toner once or twice a month. This 
stops any brassy tonesin blondes and adds incredible shine for brunettes and redheads. 


3. WHEN COLOURING your hair, apply vaseline around your hair before you start to prevent 
any drips. 


4. BEFORE YOU BLOWDRY or curl your hair, always use heat protectant. They condition your 
hair and helps to protect your hair while you style. 



Romantic Bun

Romantic Bun




Curls are all over the runways and I’m glad that my naturally curly hair is finally in fashion again. But whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, you can try this style. It’s perfect for hair that’s around shoulder length or longer, and it only takes a few minutes to do this pretty, romantic bun that is perfect for date night. Twisting and pinning small sections at the back of your head softens the up do. Loosely connecting pieces of hair from around your face to the bun completes this beautiful style for a cute yet sophisticated look. Don’t be scared to try this style, it’s so much faster and easier to do than it looks. Plus, you’re guaranteed compliments when you wear it.




STYLE YOUR NATURAL CURLS using a curl spray or curl your hair with a curling wand first. Try Models Prefer Curl Spray with Argan Oil to enhance your natural curls and then dry your hair with a diffuser. If you have straight hair, I recommend the Models Prefer Professional Curler to add in some waves and curls before you start this style.


 CREATE A PART AT THE SIDES of your hair with a tail comb to leave a section out around your face. We’ll add these sections in later. Gather the rest of your hair into a low side ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic.



TAKING SMALL SECTIONS OF HAIR from your ponytail, twist them around your finger to create a loop. Pin the loop in place with bobby pins. Continue pinning sections around your ponytail to cover your elastic and to create the bun.



FINISH THE STYLE BY TWISTING BACK the side sections and wrapping them around the bun. If you need some extra hold, a spritz of hairspray keeps everything in place and shine spray helps to define the style. You can leave some soft curls loose around your face for that romantic look.




Tool Kit 



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